About us

The idea to create an association of road carriers arose from suggestions of various Carriers and Brokers across the country. Individuals running the transportation companies constantly face the need to overcome various obstacles. Many of those cases require specialized knowledge and are time consuming.  How often the thought popped in your head: "I would give a lot for someone, to do it for me." And it is this moment that can be considered as the beginning of further activities aimed at creating AMTC.

AMTC is a place where the paths of both carriers and entities offering them their support and services intersect. We deal with a wide range of services that are necessary for the functioning of every transport company. In our ranks, we have specialists with many years of experience in the transport industry – managers, as well as people with their own transport and services companies. We closely cooperate with selected entities in the field of law, accounting, and banking. We have trusted auto service shops that also offer the road assitance. By becoming a member of our association, you gain access to all services, and you can establish new business contacts.