If you want a quiet holiday, weekend or night, entrust us with the care of your fleet

Transport is an industry in which nothing is permanent. The fact that something is happening at a given moment does not mean that in 5 minutes the situation will not change completely. Surely there has been a situation when due to a failure or other unforeseen circumstances, the whole intricately arranged plan was thwarted. It is nothing extraordinary, but the most important thing is not to lose your head in a difficult situation and solve the problem as soon as possible, minimizing losses and losing as little as possible in the eyes of the customer.

That is why we provide AMTC members with a hotline operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you have a problem that needs to be solved quickly, our consultants, trained in the principles of dealing with crisis situations and having access to a number of institutions and service points, will help you in a difficult situation.