Code of good practice

To be perceived as a reliable and professional carrier, it is worth knowing and following the rules of transport etiquette. Below you will find a list of the most important rules that a serious transporter should follow.



The Association of Modern Trucking Companies supports all activities that involve constructive dialogue and lead to consensus, solving problems through communication, as well as all activities aimed at the good of the customer. Respecting and supporting all parties involved in end customer service, both brokers and carriers. Adhering to the principles of free market and fair competition, AMTC adopts this Code of Good Practice as a key pillar of operation for the sustainable and responsible development of the US transportation market.


This AMTC Code of Good Practice defines the rules of conduct, market practices and standards for the implementation of transport services, applicable to AMTC member companies in the full spectrum of their operation, covering three areas: relations with the environment, relations with brokers and relations within the environment.



1) Companies associated in the AMTC provide services in good faith, bearing in mind the best interests of clients. They strive to complete each order in a professional and timely manner while maintaining high standards of communication.

2) Companies associated in the AMTC are guided in their work by the best available knowledge, awareness of the specificity of the industry, customer expectations and respect for standards built on the principles and ethical values of managing their employees.

3) AMTC member companies do not use arguments or messages based on racial, age, gender, chauvinism, xenophobia or nationalism.

4) Companies associated in the AMTC are obliged to comply with all ethical and legal standards in the management of their employees and subcontractors.

5) Companies associated in the AMTC strive to eliminate all manifestations of illegal activity from the public space and counteract unfair competition.




1) AMTC companies operate transparently as mandated by their principals. AMTC companies comply with all the provisions of the contract concluded with the broker - rate confirmation.

2) AMTC companies adhere to the rules of business communication before accepting an order during and after the completion of the order

3) AMTC companies accept remuneration for their services

4) AMTC companies apply transparent pricing of services, based on the costs of professional services and sound business principles, in accordance with the "fair-market-value" model.

5) Confidentiality agreements concluded between the AMTC Companies and the Broker should be of equivalent nature, protecting the rights of both parties.

6) The relationship between the Broker and the AMTC Company is based on mutual respect and trust. AMTC companies are committed to keeping confidential all information they have obtained from the broker. The above does not apply to situations provided for by law regarding the obligation to disclose such information.

7) AMTC companies undertake to exercise due diligence in the execution of the order described in the rate confirmation

8) AMTC companies avoid cooperating with a broker in the event of a justified suspicion of acting contrary to applicable law. In particular, AMTC Members take care to eliminate the phenomenon of double brokerage from the market.


1) AMTC member companies provide equal opportunities in all aspects of employment and prevent discrimination based on racial, national or ethnic origin, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or any other criteria, both in internal and external relations external relations.

2) Companies associated in the AMTC do not discredit other transport companies, and any information provided about competition may be based only on reliable and publicly available data. AMTC members do not take any actions that may cause any damage, harm the good name or infringe the goods of other AMTC companies, their clients, contractors. This applies in particular to anonymous activities.

3) Companies associated in the AMTC apply a transparent and fair employment policy.



1) In the event of violations of this Code by a company associated in the AMTC, the entity that has noticed such a violation has the right to documented reporting the violation to the AMTC

2) To protect integrity, all AMTC authorities protect the Reporter's identity and any details that may identify him or her.

3) Companies affiliated to the AMTC should provide all assistance, which does not go beyond the provisions of the law and the scope of agreements with brokers, in clarifying issues by the AMTC regarding possible violations of the Code.

4) The Management Board of the AMTC is obliged to consider the reported case within the time necessary to review its documentation, not longer than 14 days. The result of the consideration of the matter is a written report presented to other AMTC bodies and interested parties.

5) The report may include applications for sanctions for violations of the Code of Good Practice. In this case, they will be processed in accordance with the current provisions of the association's statute.

If you follow these rules, you can apply for the RELIABLE CARRIER certificate.